Community, Culture, Cleaning.

Our three essential values are aligned with our sole purpose: to provide the best cleaning experience, qualified and reliable cleaners, and environmentally friendly cleaning products to every family of every background.

Meet Gerald Beernaert

Hello, I'm Gerald from Brussels, Ex-online Digital Marketer, now a full-time mood booster, and (when cleaners want to enjoy their weekend) cleaner. I'm a hugely social person who tends to get to know my clients when I should actually be doing business. I value time and quality and that is how Kindelp lives today we strive to provide fast, clear and friendly customer service so that our customers are informed and satisfied. My life revolves around my business here, and in turn the lives of my customers and I hope that in the future the staff and I at Kindelp will continue to change how people use and book cleaning with our new technology and processes in which we clean a home.

"Keeping Your House Or Office Clean Can Be Difficult Sometimes"

No worries. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can work around anyone's schedule.

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A clean home starts with Us

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A clean home starts with Us

A clean home starts with Us

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